Adapt: Adult Development, Adaptation, & Technology Laboratory

The ADAPT Laboratory applies a life-span developmental perspective to examine the potential for health technologies to support older adults and their families in aging successfully. This means that we view aging as a lifelong process of adaptation to change. As individuals age, changes in social, psychological, and functional resources mandate the creation of new strategies to meet the challenges faced in daily life. Our interest in technology is grounded in a commitment to support individuals in living life to the fullest regardless of their age and ability. We aim to inform the development, implementation, and use of health technologies with sensitivity to older adults’ biopsychosocial needs, goals, and abilities. Current projects at the AdaptLab pursue a deep understanding of the internal processes older adults’ use to monitor and manage both demands in daily life and the personal and technological resources necessary to meet those demands.

AdaptLab is dedicated to:

  • Inform science and practice of successful aging.
  • Improve health and well-being across the life span for all individuals.
  • Provide a creative, engaging, collaborative environment for research and idea generating.